Training, Processes and Procedures for Walking Dogs

 My new love of life is volunteering at the Humane Society of Hamilton County (HSHC) as a dog walker.  I was surprised to learn that training is required to walk the dogs and that HSHC has procedures and processes that they follow for operating the shelter. 

HSHC is a low kill animal shelter.  This means that animals are not put down unless their behavioral or health issues are dire.   Side Note – They have lots of great animals for adoption!

I have had dogs for years.  My current dog, Nutmeg, is a basset hound whoMy dog, Nutmeg came from the Crawfordsville Animal Shelter.   All you have to do is say “walk” and she is bouncing off the ceiling.  You can even spell W-A-L-K or say it in Pig Latin and she knows.

Televisions shows like the” Dog Whisperer” or “Dogs in the City” reinforce that there are many things I don’t know about dogs.  Dog walking is one thing I thought I had covered.  However, walking dogs in the shelter environment it can be very different than from home.   Cue training.

HSHC training has reinforced the need to keep all animals a safe distance from each other (for their safety as well as my own.)  It has also helped me learn the best way to get an animal out of the kennel for a walk and then safely back into the kennel.  Believe me, it is harder than it seems.  Some animals are so excited that they are jumping six feet high and others are so frightened they won’t leave the kennel.

My point is that training is very important in any business, as are processes and procedures.  A good training program is one element in developing a successful employee which carries over to a thriving business.  Training plans need to encompass the idiosyncrasies of the job and employer.  They also need to be re-evaluated periodically to ensure they align with established processes and procedures. Processes and procedures need to be examined periodically to ensure that they match practices

How are the training, processes and procedures at your company?

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