Frequently Asked Questions

We can perform the following for you:

  • Schedule the audit on mutually agreeable dates
  • Work with you to determine the audit purpose and scope
  • Send an audit confirmation letter to confirm the audit dates, location and expectations for available documentation and participants
  • Conduct an opening meeting for introductions, review of the audit scope and to answer any questions
  • Perform a comprehensive audit that includes interviewing employees, reviewing written procedures and records, observing processes (when possible) and applying the regulations and industry standards
  • Present audit observations at the close of the audit
  • Write the audit report summarizing what was covered and the audit observations
  • Provide the draft audit report to the client within five (5) business days after completion of the audit
  • Send the final, approved audit report to the client
  • Generate an audit certificate for the client as declaration the audit occurred
  • Prepare a request for corrective action that will be sent to the auditee


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